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Welcome Dr. Shengyuan Li, China University of Mining and Technology, China to be the TPC!

Dr. Shengyuan Li, China University of Mining and Technology, China

李生元,博士,中国矿业大学力学与土木工程学院讲师。主要从事基于计算机视觉的结构表面损伤识别与评估方面的科学研究工作。主持中央高校基本科研业务费专项青年科技基金项目1项,参与国家重点研发计划项目1项。在国内外重要学术期刊和国际会议上发表学术论文10余篇,其中1篇为ESI热点、高被引论文。申请国家发明专利4项,其中授权2项。担任Automation in Construction、Measurement与IEEE Access国际期刊审稿人。

Shengyuan Li, Ph.D., Lecturer, School of Mechanics and Civil Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology. He is mainly engaged in the scientific research on the recognition and evaluation of structural surface damage based on computer vision. He has presided over one Youth Science and Technology Fund Project of the Central Universities’ Basic Research Funds, and participated in one National Key Research and Development Program. He has published more than 10 academic papers in important academic journals and international conferences at home and abroad, and one of which is ESI hot topic and highly cited paper. He has applied for 4 national invention patents, of which 2 are authorized. He is a reviewer of Automation in Construction, Measurement and IEEE Access international journals.

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Submission Deadline: July 30, 2021 August 6, 2021

Registration Deadline: August 10, 2021

Conference Date: August 13-15, 2021

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