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Welcome Dr. Tengfei Xiang, Anhui University of Technology, China to be the TPC!

Dr. Tengfei Xiang, Anhui University of Technology, China


Development and application of superhydrophobic (self-protection) concrete: By adjusting and controling the type and content of waterproof agent, investigate the influence of waterproof agent on concrete microstructure, internal composition, mechanical properties and anti-corrosion performance, and explore the reaction behavior of waterproof agent with cement paste as well as sand, analyze the internal reaction mechanism and influence mechanism, and put forward.the development formula and application background of superhydrophobic (self-protection) concrete.
Construction and performance research of super hydrophobic structure on the surface of building metals: The micro nano structures of materials were fabricated on different metal surfaces were controlled by electrodeposition/sol-gel/hydrothermal method. The effects of current density, reaction time, solution ratio and other parameters on the microstructure and size of the crystal were investigated, and the evolution and growth mechanism of the material structures were discussed. Meanwhile, the corrosion resistance and superhydrophobicity of the samples prepared with different gradient parameters were studied, and the mechanism of corrosion surface reaction was explored.

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